Tips For Overseas Drivers Renting A Car In New Zealand 

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand and you would like to see the country in all its beauty, and to travel unrestrained? If so, then a car rental company is perhaps the best solution instead of purchasing a car while you are in a foreign country. Cost-effective, versatile and comfortable, a rental car can easily get you to your destination, not to mention that there are tens of different car brands and models to choose from. However, as an international driver, there may be some rules and regulations that slightly vary from those in your country, this is why it is recommended to do your research and to book your car in advance. The traffic drives on the left, which is particularly easy for those from South Africa or the United Kingdom, but there are some car rental rules that are different as well. Here are several pieces of advice: 

1. Book Your Car In Advance

It often happens that booking your car in advance via the Internet is easier and cheaper than renting the car live, even if you do it less than 24 hours prior to picking it up. In addition to getting lower rates, you also have the chance to visit different companies that offer car hire in Auckland, compare their prices and available models and make all the adjacent car rental arrangements in a fast and effortless way, from the comfort of your home. Besides this, you will not have to worry about shifting exchange rates or cultural differences! 

2. Make Sure You Are 21 Or Older 

Another important aspect that you need to understand prior to renting a car in New Zealand is that you must be at least 21 years of age, and you must have either a current local drivers’ license or a valid international drivers’ license in order to rent the car. If you come from the UK and you are a license holder, you can easily rent a car for the first six months of your strip to NZ, but if your trip exceeds half a year, then you will be asked to take a local driving test in order to keep your license active.

Also, the exact rules and regulations vary greatly from one car rental company to another, but some drivers who are older than 70 or younger than 25 may face a surcharge. In extreme cases where the driver is deemed unsuitable, he may not be permitted to rent a car at all. This is why it is very important to do your research in advance!

3. Ask About The Company’s Fuel Fill-Up Policy

The fuel fill-up policy also varies from one car rental to another, and most of the companies require their drivers to bring back the car with a full tank, if that is how they rented it, otherwise they can face a significant penalty. The damages  policies and car finance in Porirua also vary.

4. Understand Your Obligations As A Driver

Last, but not least, you must never carry fare-paying passengers with the hired new or second hand cars unless the rental company has been previously notified and has agreed to this. You must never hire or sublet the car to a third party, and you must never allow anybody else to drive it unless they hold a current and valid drivers’ license.